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ELA Games' launch marked with triple-slot action

Nov 25, 2021
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The contemporary game studio established to take over the iGaming scene

ELA Games, an established iGaming content provider, is determined to leave a lasting impression on the iGaming field by producing three brand-new slot titles called Malina, and Jungle Tangle.

Extremely close to their launch, the three releases are all different but share a collective aim of offering immersive casino action for all sorts of customers.
The crew in charge of the slot titles, whose catchphrase is “for players, by players” is formed of slot lovers evenly devoted to playing and developing games.
ELA Games' mission declares a dedication to “developing games with an exciting and entertaining impact on people’s pleasures, always on the quest for unique designs for both slots and casual gambling games.”

On the other hand, the main goal of the studio does not rely only on offering remarkable adventures through its games. The studio strives to devise a secure gaming adventure for all customers.

The game studio has certified compliance coming from ISO 27001, picking up the formal approval for its information security practices.

At the moment, the ELA Games team counts over 30 experienced individuals from different industries who together help deliver the company’s services to a global crowd in a range of markets.

Aleksey Shulgin, Product Studio Manager of ELA Games: “We are incredibly proud to launch ELA Games, which demonstrates a substantial add-on to the world of iGaming through a combination of entertainment and safe gambling.

“This is an incredible time for the business, and we are all looking forward to helping fuel its future success with our great slots.”